Top 10 The 1975 Songs

In honor of my upcoming The 1975 concert, let’s talk about my top ten favorite songs by the Manchester band.

10. PressureThe 1975

The key things this song has that make it to the top ten list are the soft instrumentals in the background and how light and airy lead singer, Matt Healy’s, voice sounds in this. You can really hear how they work and play the guitar to give it a unique sound to the music. It has hints of Michael Jackson’s “Human Nature” which is a favorite of mine and adds to the song. The lyrics are simple and nothing very deep, but the focus is on the instrumentals and how Healy’s voice compliments the music. Plus this has been my alarm for the past four years so, obviously I like it.

9. The CityThe 1975

I always think of the lyrics “If you wanna find love, then you know where the city is” every time I drive through or past a city because of this song. The drums in this song really stand out to me and create a heaviness to the song whereas when the guitar comes in, it lightens it. Healy is telling a story about love, a relationship and drugs. While it sounds beautiful and unique, there is more to it than just an easy to listen to song.

8. Ughi like it when  you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it

This song is just fun – the sounds of it and Healy’s voice make it hard not to really dance along to it. Even though this whole song is about Healy’s cocaine addiction, it’s still catchy and tells his story of his addiction. I think it’s interesting how they took something serious like an addiction and turned it into a pop song. There’s a reminiscent sound of 80s pop mixed in as well which contributes to the upbeat sound and dance-y attitude of the song.

7. GirlsThe 1975

While this song sounds carefree and easy from the instrumentals and Healy’s continue drepetition of “Just Girls”, there’s more to it than just your average pop song. Healy and co. like their songs to talk about sex, love and drugs, and this pop-y sounding song is no different. Everything from the opening pop can sound at the beginning – which seems ironic to almost symbolize that this is a “pop” song – to the twangy guitar, this song is a hit that you catch your self humming throughout the day.

6. A Change of Hearti like it when  you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it

The 1975’s music is an interesting mix of instruments, computer or electric sounds and Healy’s voice. And they like to intermix lyrics from previous songs into other ones which adds depth and layers to the meaning behind them. For “A Change of Heart” the band mixes in lyrics from “The City”, “Girls” and “Sex” which paints more of a picture of what Healy is singing about and relates back to their main themes of sex and relationships. I particularly like this song because of the story of falling out of love with someone and the way The 1975 addresses it in a way of having “a change of heart”.

5. ChocolateThe 1975

Ah, the song that first introduced me to The 1975. And I didn’t even know it was about drugs until today. “Chocolate” is slang for marijuana and “guns” is slang for needles aka heroine. The song basically tells the story of young people driving around smoking weed and going to buy weed and being rebellious. This song to me will always remind of me of college and that free feeling of no responsibilities and just enjoying yourself. This is a The 1975 classic.

4. Heart OutThe 1975

One word: Saxophone. The use of the saxophone in this song is what makes it into the top five of my list. I think it’s unique as you don’t hear too many main stream – or pop songs – with a heavy use of saxophone in it and it adds just that extra piece of music that elevates the song. And of course the synth used throughout this song sends me back to the 80s and I’m obsessed. Healy’s voice coaxing his girl to “figure his heart out” also adds to the softness that this song has. It’s not a typical love song talking about love, it’s a love song trying to connect with the other person.

3. SexThe 1975

This song is fast paced and intense with Healy’s whiny vocals telling the story of a guy and girl who only hook up – even though she has a boyfriend. It really grabs the listeners attention with the sharp instrumentals and lyrics – which aren’t shy about the context of the song – sex. I like how Healy repeats “She’s got a boyfriend any” over and over again almost trying to remind himself not to fall in love, that it’s just about the hook up, nothing more. This is a staple top favorite for any fan.

2. Somebody Elsei like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it

I love how heartbreakingly sad this song is without being cheesy or too swoon-y. Again, Healy brings back words like “cold” and painting this picture of not wanting to be with her for the physical attraction. I like how subtle the instruments are; there’s nothing too harsh or loud that would unsettle the song. The touch of piano – not synth – is also refreshing and compliments Healy’s woeful crooning.

  1. The Soundi like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it

This. Song. Is. EVERYTHING. When The 1975 was releasing singles for their upcoming album i like it when you sleep…, I wasn’t impressed with the first two. It wasn’t until this was released that I felt revived and was given the song I never knew I needed. In a time where music was so over done with EDM and electonic tones, we needed something that was refreshing but still relevant and this song is that. It brings in real instruments, synthesizers and electronic music and creates something all it’s own. Aside from the music, the lyrics are fun and they happen so fast that before you know it, you’re already onto the guitar solo that gives the song a classic authenticity. To me, I wish this song was longer, more lyrics, more singing but for what it is, it’s my favorite song by them and I will always listen to this on repeat.

Stay tuned for my review on The 1975 concert sometime next week.


Where Are the People | Depeche Mode’s Newest Single

Ya’ll, Depeche Mode dropped a new single and it’s hitting real close to home.


“Where’s the Revolution” is the latest single from new wave British band, Depeche Mode and the first off their upcoming album, “Spirit” which is set to release on March 17. And one’s thing for sure, they’re not holding back and they’re getting in your face about not only politics, but humanity.

This isn’t Depeche Mode’s first song that skews a little controversial, they have a long list of songs including a personal favorite, “People Are People” which debuted in 1984. “People Are People” takes a look at humanity and how we are all the same with differences that are supposed to make us beautiful but we make ugly. We take religion, politics and race so seriously we let it divide us as people rather than try to work together to better ourselves. We are so clouded in our minds with talk of politics and what we should believe and the people we should believe that we don’t take the time to listen to other perspectives and instead chose to hate and fight each other.

So it’s only fitting that after a four year break, the band comes back with a song to address the current state of the world we live in -and I can’t help but feel like this song is directed at us, the American population.

The sound of the song gives me pieces of their album, “Songs of Faith and Devotion” with the deep baritone voice of David Gahan and the notes of dark rock of “Ultra”. And the lyrics are of course classic Martin Gore, full of thought and actually calling listeners to action.

The song’s opening is my personal favorite; the classic techno sound of Depeche Mode that I recognize and tells me they’re not messing around. Then Gahan’s voice, hallow and almost soft as he sings, “You’ve been kept down/You’ve been pushed ’round/You’ve been lied to/You’ve been fed truths“. This first verse sets the whole tone of the situation that the world – to me mainly America – is facing. He asks, “Who’s making your decisions?/You or your religion/ Your government, your countries/You patriotic junkies“. Are we voting for a certain politician because of our religious views or because they actually have ideas that are beneficial for all? We’re so caught up in religion and politics and quite frankly, the two don’t mix.

The shift into the chorus to me feels a little off though. Gahan and Martin’s voices almost seem off sync and the beat of the music doesn’t fit. It’s almost trying too hard to make a musical point given the heavy lyrics calling people to action, asking “Where’s the revolution?“.

Through the next verse and chorus, we’re led to the great build up of the bridge. The song slows, the techno sound diminishes the lyrics are clear: “The train is coming…so get on board“. We’re heading towards something big, whether it’s a revolution or not, but either way, people need to decide where they’re going and if they’re ready for it. What are we going to do as we hurtle forward in not just Trump nation but humanity overall?

This is the thing I love about music. It’s able to make a statement and have it reach people in a way that we’re going to listen. This isn’t a call to riot or hate politics; it’s a call to humanity to take a look at the world we have created and to stop creating madness and start working toward to better it.