Top 10 The Killers Music Videos

Number 10: Spaceman (Day & Age, 2008)

The Killers are not unfamiliar with working with colorful characters in their music videos, but the setting and costumes of this one mixed with the upbeat music, create an – out of this world – video that definitely makes a statement. It keeps the viewer engaged and wondering what more will come around the corner as Brandon Flowers makes his way to the top of the structure and it continues to reveal new characters and settings.

Fun Fact: This video only costed $27 to make.


Number 9 : Miss Atomic Bomb (Battle Born, 2012)

Who wouldn’t love a Brandon Flowers cartoon? This live and animated music video serves as the prelude to “Mr. Brightside” bringing back the love triangle and expanding on the story. I think this video does a great job meshing the past, present and animation with live action together to tell the story of lost romance and how we look back on the loves we have in life.

Fun Fact: The original characters from “Mr. Brightside” reprise their roles in this video.


Number 8: All These Things That I’ve Done (Hot Fuss, 2004)

This out of order, almost comical – they try to ride on a miniature pony – music video shows the band as cowboys in the desert fighting off their temptations – women. The story features the women holding numbers to tell the order of events, leaving the viewer to put them in order and solve the video. This video set the tone for their second album, Sam’s Town.

Fun Fact: There are two versions of this music video.


Number 7: Somebody Told Me (Hot Fuss, 2004)

Aw, little baby faced Brandon Flowers! The second hit single off their debut album features a music video that captures their Las Vegas night life feel. Set in the desert with electric lights and a silhouette of a dancing girl, this video is a classic for The Killers. Plus can we talk about Flowers’ flamingo dancing toe tap? Classic.

Fun Fact: This video was in homage to New Order’s video for “Crystal”.


Number 6: Read My Mind (Sam’s Town, 2007)

Ah, the era of Sam’s Town featuring Flowers’ mustache. Completely shot in Tokyo, Japan and features the band in various activites around the town enjoying themselves. What makes this video is the culture surrounding them: the Elvis impersonator; the band dressed as Geisha’s; the band performing on what looks like Rock Band; and the Japanese character, Gachapin. It’s just a fun video to watch overall.

Fun Fact: The whole band, except Ronnie Vannucci, was asleep in the final scene where Gachapin crawls in to cuddle with Vannucci.


Number 5: Here With Me (Battle Born, 2012)

Again, this video demonstrates the great work that The Killers do with story telling in their videos. Directed by Tim Burton and featuring Winona Ryder and Craig Roberts, this video tells the dark tale of a boy obsessed with a famous actress. The scenes follow the lyrics pretty closely and leave the viewer mesmerized to see how the tale will end.

Fun Fact: This is only the second music video directed by Tim Burton ever. He also directed The Killers’ music video for their single, Bones.


Number 4: Just Another Girl (Direct Hits, 2013)

A new single featured exclusively on their Direct Hits album plays off of previous music videos – such as When You Were Young, Spaceman and more – with Dianna Agron playing Flowers. I think this video has a uniqueness to it even while using scenes from previous videos because of Argon’s perfect impersonation of Flowers and the smoothness of which the video moves through the scenes.

Fun Fact: There are special appearances by Felice LaZae, the model on the cover of Sam’s town and the couple from the music video Bones, Michael Steger and Devon Aoki.


Number 3: A Dustland Fairytale (Day & Age, 2009)

This video brings back reminents of the earlier days of The Killers. Set in the desert and telling a story of an old man dealing with the consequences of a fight from his youth, it is captivating. With flashbacks in classic Killer fashion and a strong beat and music to accompany the video through to the end, this video is one that I think gets lost along the way. The song is underrated and the video brings the band back to their roots of the Las Vegas desert.

Fun Fact: Neither the video nor the song received great reviews. But what do they know?


Number 2: Shot At The Night (Direct Hits, 2013)

This is my FAVORITE The Killers song and video. Even though it’s number two, it’s my favorite. This video features Bella Heathcote and Max Minghella (from The Social Network) and tells a love story that could only happen in Las Vegas. What I love is the feeling the video and the song combined make me feel – weightless and whimsical. It’s an appealing video just to watch, the colors and images that they capture of Vegas are intoxicating.

Fun Fact: The Las Vegas Review Journal ranked it as the #2 Best Music Video filmed in Las Vegas.

Number 1: Mr. Brightside (Hot Fuss, 2004)

The song that started it all. I will always remember where I was when I saw this music video for the first time. The burlesque show setting adds to the love triangle being played out and makes for a sexy edge in the video. I love the dancing and the intense scenes between Flowers and Eric Roberts, both fighting for the love of this one girl. I think the way Flowers displays the emotion of the song, while singing and not, he does a great job at telling the story. Oh and can we just mention the eyeliner? Yeah, I like that too.

Fun Fact: There are also two music videos for this single.


What do you think? Do you agree or disagree with my selection?




3 thoughts on “Top 10 The Killers Music Videos

  1. My favorites are number 2 and 3.
    Shot at the night is soo cute. I keep playing it over and over. A dustland fairy tale was the first mv of them I’ve watched. It looks like a movie to me and I was surprised with Brandon because I used to think he was an old guy. Very old guy. Love this band.


    1. Shot at the night is great! Definitely one of their more underrated songs and music videos. If you like them, you should check out Brandon Flowers’ solo music or Ronnie’s (the drummer) other band, Big Talk.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ve checked them already. Dave is the only one I haven’t checked. lol. Speaking Brandon’s solo, I like Lonely Town the most. But I prefer their project as a band to solo. So I can’t wait for the Killers fifth album. It sounds promising!

        Liked by 1 person

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